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Love, Mary

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wow. I love the 5.2 story. I never noticed before that Jesus thanked God for the "provision" FIRST. Amy, Kari, and Mary all pointed it out. He knew that it wasn't enough. But He knew the character of the One that He served. Wow.

One thing that I keep experiencing... and that I think God is trying to beat into my head :) is that He doesn't always ask you to do things that make sense. [Loving those people who are a pain in the backside, tithing when you don't think you have enough money to pay bills, trusting that a good God allows kids to suffer major illnesses, living right while those who don't "prosper"... etc...] But sometimes we just have to have faith in His character and thank Him for what we do KNOW. And just let go of what we don't know. Praise Him for what we know, and have faith from there. SUCH a HARD lesson for me to learn, but SO awesome and WORTH IT.

I want to praise God today for:
1. Giving me the Bible... an OLD book that teaches me something NEW every day.
2. Providing for ALL of my needs - emotional, physical, spiritual.
3. Protecting me from SO much.
4. Giving us pleasures to enjoy - creation, children, food, family, love, and so much more.
5. Grace. I don't deserve it.

My God is awesome. The end. :) - Lauren

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  1. I definitely agree with being content with what God asks of us even though it doesn't make sense. Mary and I were talking about that this morning... Knowing and acknowledging all that God has given me personally, even though it seems like so many people complain about what they dont have when compared to you they have so much. (Not sure if that makes sense.) I'm definitely learning that God has placed us perfectly and exactly where He wants us, and that is all that matter. Why sweat the small earthly stuff? We have so much more important heaven stuff to be focused on!!