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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 8

Wednesday, July 8

He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he [prepares the way] so that I may show Him the salvation of God. Psalm 50:23

[Stop.] Let's live what we know. We can't really start anymore... until we stop and go to the One we're following, the One we KNOW is trustworthy. Stop and thank Him for His trustworthiness this morning. Thank Him for His direction.

Those who KNOW your name will trust in you, for you Lord have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

Praise His name.What is His name? THE GREAT I AM. The First and the Last. The One who's name encompasses... everything... and that's more than enough for us to KNOW.

[FOLLOW THE LORD] How many times have you heard/said this phrase? Have you stopped to think what it really means? It's not our responsibility to follow and base our life off of only the things He does or our circumstances. It's Knowing His name. Knowing His character.We take ownership ... we stake our claim... we know what we know... we connect our lives to His reality... when we praise the Lord.

Jesus thanked God for an "insufficent" solution to a HUGE problem. Why? Because He KNEW God's character. He KNEW and had been listening to God's voice. He KNEW what He was supposed to do... and He thanked God for who God IS ... right over and beyond His physical circumstances. And what happened as a result?!? That's right... a miracle. God was pleased. God was glorified. And as a result, thousands saw God.Does that mean that because God can do something... we have the right to assume He WILL? No. Jesus was listening to God's voice. He knew what God was asking of Him, and He obeyed. He thanked God for what He knew He was able to do. Then He trusted. Don't you think part of faith, praise, and submission should mean that we're willing to risk thanking Him, placing all praise on Him, REGARDLESS of what He chooses to do with it... because we CAN KNOW that God is working all things together for good?!?? Sometimes that means another bad outcome... in order to continue to move direction to ultimate victory. Don't you want to go down that road praising the God that you're following to victory? Don't you want to trust that you don't have to know the plans, you just get to obey... THAT is the road where you'll see a miracle!The passage we looked at in John shows Jesus again illustrating these things for us. Jesus claimed something big He knew about God. It sticks out as not "going with" the rest of the passage. Then... He literally got down on His knees... and worshiped His father by washing the feet of the man who would betray Him... out of thanks, acknowledgement, and trust in the character of the Lord.

Read Luke 7:1-10Another awesome example. I love that the people approached Jesus with "how worthy" the centurion was for Jesus to come and help him. Jesus went. Then, the centurion explained how UNWORTHY He was. God was pleased. God was glorified. And... that's right... a miracle.FOR DISCUSSION: Let's define praise. And then let's do it!I'm amazed at how many words I'm finding are all found within. Such as thanks, submission, and faith. What do you think?Look back at our opening verse. Know Him today. Praise Him. Share it!You will be blessed.

***AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY FOR TODAY.Late last night Will posted episode 3 of The 5.2 Podcast. I didn't know details of what he was putting on there. It's awesome. There's a clip from a pastor teaching in a GREAT WAY about some of what we're talking about today. Then Will brought out some very honest and real application... it'll be an encouragement to you and that clip will dig further into these concepts. The podcast isn't very long... check it out and feel free to add that in your discussion today: can listen to it right on the website, or download it on itunes. It's free. :)

So... we talked about KNOWING we need to praise... and why... need to mull it over more?!? Go right ahead and discuss that still!! We've approached how we LIVE it... jump right in!!! And don't forget to praise Him today! Have a WONDERFUL day. KNOW that God made this day... and has a plan for it! And He is good. :) Thank you Lord!TODAY'S DISCUSSION BELOW IN ORANGE:

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