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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22

Good morning and happy coffee to you!

Wow thank you for the research you did on KNOW. It's so awesome to just sit and read what God teaches each one of us and learn from it. What an awesome thing He does teaching us individually, and yet grouping us together to learn from one another!

Today... we'll do the same thing on LIVE.

Ready... set... GO!

Make sure you take time to read through all of the submissions yesterday. Again, feel free to send in several verses, or only one. That's fine too!!! Whatever time permits. Don't forget the Bible Concordance found all the way on the bottom of this page. However if you have one in the back of the Bible it might serve you better for today. For some reason this one is not showing results for live, but you can try another word that is similar. My Bible concordance had ALOT of references.

Have a wonderful day asking God to reveal to YOU what HE means when He teaches us how to LIVE. You'll be so, so glad you did.

I'm praying for you today my friend!

* Will you take a moment today to visit the blog, read what others know and share something you know? And while you're at it... :) Have you checked out the prayer wall? Please feel free to send requests, and please pray for others. I had the incredible honor of meeting a precious friend last night who has requested prayer, and needs it so desperately. Please lift one another up as a family serving the Lord. Thank you for your friendship and your partnership! :)


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