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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21

Good Morning!

[Plant your feet.] Stop and pray. Let's make this a habit... always!

Where are you standing?

Throughout this study... I have learned so much from you, and I'm so thankful! In thinking through this study and the principles “Know what you know, Live what you know, Share what you know” it's been hitting me more and more that this theme seems very complete... and is a constant cycle that the Lord laid out. I hear it in almost every scripture now. I see it patterned for us in every passage. What is it about these principles that makes things so complete?

Then it hit me.

Father. Son. Holy Spirit.

Know. Live. Share.

Father: I AM. That's all you need to know. KNOW God. His character. His name. Know THAT. HE is truth.

Son: Jesus came to earth to show us... how to live... in direct correlation to the character of GOD!!! Wow. He didn't just “make bad people good. He made dead people live.” Jesus taught us a life that is set apart and different, focused and living in regards to the CHARACTER OF GOD and not looking at circumstances.

Holy Spirit: We were given the Holy Spirit to live IN children of God, ALWAYS. FOREVER. He helps us to share, and He reveals more to US of the truth that we speak, when we speak it out loud. He helps us to understand the word of God.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Does anyone else understand how very amazing this is?!?! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!

Nothing he gives, nothing he asks, is incomplete. Ever. In fact His plans are already more complete than we can imagine, even before we're aware of them.

I KNOW that God has more for us than we are aware of now. I KNOW that He slowly opens our eyes as we seek Him. And so...

Will you commit to this pursuit of our great God together beyond this study? Today's assignment is simple.

Scroll down to the box at the very bottom of this page or open your Bible's concordance. Look up or type in the word “know.” If you want to continue in Psalms, the Study box at the end of the page hits Psalms on page 24.

For today's discussion: Simply list one (or more) verse that tells us something we can KNOW... and add your live and share. Its a simple yet life-changing pursuit. Let's make it a habit together today!


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