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Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, July 2

Back Again!!! I've got to say though.. and I'm sure you'd join me in it... that I've love to keep digging deeper with Lauren... I think it's so awesome the way the Lord led her and the way that she explained it! One of my favorite parts of this study is being able to learn from the discussion that you guys put in... I love the way that things are broken down. So PLEASE... don't stop! I understand that some readers are intimated from participating ... don't be. We're all in this thing together! You don't even have to leave your name if you're not comfortable... let's just seek the Lord together!

Have you stopped to thank the Lord today for who He is? Please do... plant your feet. That's how we Stand.

Let's take JOY for another day. I like joy. Don't you? :) Check this out:

"... The joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10b

So many times we think our purpose, our hope, and our ability are found in ["The joy..."] or ["your strength."]

But it's not.

The key to joy is found in the middle of the verse.

[The Lord IS]

That, my friends, is the pivot point. We don't STAND in the joy... we don't stand in the strength... until we STAND in the KNOWLEDGE of who our God is. Go back and think through the verses that Lauren pointed out. You can rejoice in today... No. Matter. What. Rejoice.. because the reality of God has granted you joy. Rejoice because you have the hope and the ability for strength... rejoice that God invites, allows, and affords for you to stand firm in Him!

For today: Read Nehemiah 8 (the context for today's verse.) I love this chapter of the Bible! Think it through... plant your feet... apply it today.

For discussion: How would you describe the reverence for the Lord here??? Why don't we see and experience this same reverence? Do you think it's necessary? And so... what can we do about that... TODAY? Do you think it's possible for us to truly enjoy the DELIGHT of verse 10... unless we can apply the rest of the chapter to ourselves in some way as well?

Hard stuff. So... completely... WORTH IT.

Can't wait to hear from you! Please at the very least share one line of JOY in the Lord! We'll post it here and on the praise blog as well. KNOW it. LIVE it. SHARE it. I am praising Him with you... and for you!


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