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Sunday, July 5, 2009

These are some powerful verses. But what I'm learning is that there are SO SO many powerful verses - just waiting for us to jump in and read them. They were there all along. I just wasn't there in God's Word to read them. Along the same line as what Mary, Donna, and Lauren have said, these verses make it very clear what our purpose and focus should be in life - EVERY DAY, ALL the time. It's easy to go to church on Sundays, be part of a small group, and maybe even do a daily Bible study and then feel that you've put in your effort - that you're living how you "should be" living. Quite honestly I think the deceiver uses that feeling to keep us from going deeper. But do I live EVERY day striving toward God, toward seeking the purposes He has for me? As I get closer to 30, I'm quite frankly starting to freak out about my life. Life seems to be speeding by ... days, weeks, months pass in a total blur. So much so that I don't even seem to know if things happened a few days ago or a few weeks ago. I'm starting to get this desperate feeling that I had better make sure that whatever I am going to do in life - career, children, etc. etc. - I had better get it rollin' before the chance is gone. What I realized today is that this should be all the more true spiritually. If I just go through every day "going through the motions," time will keep moving on without anything meaningful ever happening. I must embrace every single day - live it intentionally, live it on purpose, and live it seeking God and his purposes. Live it with a sense of desperation, if you will, that life is short and we must embrace the time we have because there is much to do. Easier said than done in a world of distractions, but a goal I want to strive for nonetheless (Phil 3:12). Please pray for me as I try to make this change in my life, because it will only be through Him, no doubt about that! - Amy

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