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Love, Mary

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you to everyone involved in this study. I have been learning so much both from the study and from other sources over the past couple of months. I guess what it all boils down to is this -- God is big. Huge. We can either recognize that or ignore Him, and our society tries to get us to choose the latter. After all, acknowledging a mighty God means that certain things should come as our response -- obedience, submission, humility. All things that we don't particularly like to do. But, even though we deserve it, God's ways aren't about beating us down and making us miserable (although, again, this is what society tries to tell us)! His rules are simply for our well-being (something we don't seem to handle very well when left to our own devices) and for eternal purposes (rather than instant earthly gratification). Following the path that God lays before us (rather than our own road) isn't easy -- after all, it's called the NARROW gate :) But it's not about us and what WE are able to do. If that's all it was, there'd be no sense in even trying. It's about what GOD can do THROUGH us when we allow it. Allow it by praising Him for who He is and what He does, even when all the details of our lives aren't happy. Allow it by breaking the status quo and seeking HIS will rather than automatically just doing what we want, think, or feel like doing. Allow it by changing our perspective - on what we think is important, on how we define our circumstances, on how we view our time here on earth. Allow it by following God and His guidance no matter what everyone around us thinks about it. The surrender of our will and our ego. It's simultaneously that simple and that difficult. But when I start thinking about how hard it is, I come full circle and again start thinking about how big God is ... and how submission is the ONLY reasonable response [read Revelation 4:3-8]. Please pray for me as I continue to struggle with submitting ... hope you all have a great rest of the summer!!
- Amy

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