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Love, Mary

Monday, July 6, 2009

Praise God that He never gives me what I deserve.
Praise God that He gave me an amazing husband who is TRULY my better half.
Praise God that He has given me health - physical and emotional.
\Praise God that my needs are ALWAYS met.
Praise God that I have a loving, patient, forgiving, & supportive family.
Praise God that He lead my family to an awesome church.
Praise God that He knows what I need before I ever even know I need it.
Praise God that He brought me back to Him in such an amazing way that it's undeniably HIM that did it (and YES, I get excited about it)!
Praise God that He is reliable even when we aren't.
Praise God that we know He is faithful and never have to wonder or think twice about that.
Praise God that He has given us some things purely for enjoyment and relaxation.
Praise God that He is creative and imaginative and that we get to see & enjoy that in His creation.

God is completely and utterly beyond all comprehension AMAZING. His love for us, quite honestly, makes NO SENSE. There's NO REASON that He should love us except that to say that THAT'S WHAT MAKES HIM SO AWESOME, SO WORTHY OF PRAISE AND OBEDIENCE. THAT'S WHAT MAKES HIM GOD. When I think about all these things, it shames me to think of the ways I spend my time, my energy, my life. So PRAISE GOD that, in His mercy, He will even help us change that.


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