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Love, Mary

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our responsibilities include:
- Obeying His commands & His guidance
- Studying the Bible & spending time in prayer in order to know His commands & receive His guidance
- Sharing what we know about Him with others
- Having faith in Him & trusting Him, even when things don't make sense or seem "fair" to us. He's God, we're not. Sometimes that has to be enough, even if we really want to know WHY things happen how they do.
- Caring for others around us (as He has commanded)
- Making Him the first priority in our lives -- before ourselves, our family, our jobs, our "hopes and dreams," everything. Easier said than done, but true nonetheless.
- Respect - although He is our father and friend, He is also a mighty God that created everything and is infinitely powerful. We should act accordingly.
- REAL commitment, not just lip service (I'm better at the latter, I must admit!). Yesterday my pastor said that, when he called the disciples, He didn't say "come, believe me." He said, "come, FOLLOW me." He wants every part of us (Rev. 3:16), even though we often tell ourselves that we're doing well if we carve out PART of our life for Him.
~ Amy

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