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Love, Mary

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

“Jesus thanked God for an insufficient amount because He knew God’s character and that this must be what God wanted.” – Wow, I love that thought. If only I had even an ounce of that faith. Acting on the fact that Christ gets the praise no matter what circumstance comes up because He will make that way into an awesome way for someone to see His glory!

I know who God is and that He will let NOTHING contradict that. As a result, I can thank Him for EVERY situation He places me, whether I ‘like it’ or not, because I know that He will get the attention and glory He deserves through my actions and obedience to Him. That’s what life is about anyway. And so…

Thank you God
for directing each moment of my life. Thank you for the blood that you shed, even though I feel like I abuse the privilege you have given me, I am so grateful that your love remains the same. Thank you Lord for never letting go of me. I am SAFE in the palm of your hand no matter what comes my way. Thank you for bringing SO MANY Godly people in my life to encourage me and help me as I live this life. Thank you for giving us your word so that we can see your perfect example. Thank you for helping us understand it better.

- Kari

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