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Love, Mary

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I think that we can STAND in God's love by praising Him. Our praise acknowledges the ways in which He has shown His love to us. Our praise glorifies Him while remining US of what an awesome God He is and how awesome it is to be loved by such a God! Even when we feel like things are bad and that there's nothing "praiseworthy" in our life, we can certainly offer praise for God's character, His faithfulness, and the trust that we can place in Him to bring us through those times!
Psalm 40 takes praise one step further, though ... a step that I struggle with. It says that we're to praise God OUT LOUD. SHARE it. ANNOUNCE it. Definitely don't hide it or keep it to yourself! We live in such a "politically correct" world and don't want to make others uncomfortable or "put ourselves out there" in such a way. But how will the world know that our God is so awesome if they only hear us whine and complain? After all, we never ever hestitate to be negative out loud!

- Amy

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