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Friday, July 17, 2009

I think it is important to praise the Lord where others will hear (or see) it because it creates a memorial for the Lord. We still read about God's provision for the Israelites in so many ways. It gives us an example to follow, solidifies our knowledge that the Lord does keep His promises, helps us know how to pray, and encourages us when we face trials.When we verbalize what the Lord has done for us, it gives others the same encouragement to know that we serve a faithful God!

Praising God is something I am learning more to do, though it does take courage (it is not always a natural thing for me to speak up.) Sometimes I remind myself, "How can I expect God to continue to answer prayer and bless me if I don't praise Him when He does?". Furthermore, I am commanded to do it. =)

I love the idea of the personal psalm. It is a way to document the faithfulness of my God! My dad keeps a daily written list of things he is praying for in one column, and when God answers them, he moves them to another column. He always has written down answers to prayer and has a continuous list from which he can go back and praise God for. I am making it a goal (so now I am accountable -- YIKES!) to do more of this type of thing in order to more effectively praise God. ~MarySusan

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