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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here are a couple of verses that jumped out at me:
"Do not forget to do good to others, and share with them, because such sacrifices please God". - Heb. 13:16
God is the One who made all things, and all things are for his glory. He wanted to have many children share his glory, so he made the One who leads people to salvation perfect through suffering. - Heb. 2:10

I like these verses for a couple of reasons. First, how UNFATHOMABLE is it that God wants to share the most awesome thing in all of existence - HIS GLORY - with us?! Wow. And to think that I don't want to share simple lil' earthly things with people sometimes! Although I also like that Hebrews 13:16 acknowledges that sharing isn't always easy - referring to it as a "sacrifice." Nonetheless it is so much less than God shares with us, and I'm so glad that we have an infinitely generous God. I take this for granted sometimes, but God doesn't have to be so generous with us, so faithful, so loving, so merciful. Lord, please remind me of the big picture - YOU and your awesome gifts to us - when I get caught up in whining about some of life's small details!

- Amy

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