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Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday, July 10

Good morning, How's it goin... and Happy Friday to my wonderful friends! :) I hope you're doing well today! Thank you so much for praying about my computer situation. I still don't know if they will be able to retrieve my saved files (etc.) but I hope to know by the end of the day. But I KNOW God is good and a crashed computer is nothing when He is directing a process. As a result I can say that I'm not in the least bit concerned. And no, I'm not just saying that! Thank you Lord!!! :) I was reminded how blessed I am to have Lauren's help as well. She jumped right in there... and even brought an AWESOME translation of Psalm 50:23 that I hadn't seen before that was such an encouragement and challenge to me yesterday!

READY TO PLANT YOUR FEET TODAY?!? Then... spend some time on your knees. Grab your Bible!!! (And of course, your coffee... ahem.)

Today, I had planned to wrap up our discussion of praise under the topic of "The Joy of Singing a New Song Unto the Lord" before we hit our next topic... of peace [Selah]. Sounds good, huh? However, this morning as I've been in His word and through my notes the Lord has changed my direction to a far more uncomfortable subject. I started to tip-toe around an apology here... and was immediately reminded that every step that brings us closer to God... that leads to the before-mentioned joy and peace... is worthy of thanking the Lord for! So. Dig in deep today. PLANT YOUR FEET. Don't run away. We'll still start with praise! :)

Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done. Psalm 105:1

Did you see that? Know. Live. Share. -> WORSHIP

We've already discussed the Know and Live sides of praise... which in turn both lead to sharing. Charles Stanley fit this verse into 3 sections : (1.) Praise God for former mercies. (2.) Pray for further mercies. (3.) Publish His famous mercies.

[STOP.] Have you done that today?!? Please take a moment to stop and Live it. Then, Share it. Let's practice those 3 steps for our discussion today:
1. Former Mercies
2. Pray for further Mercies.
3. Publish His famous mercies.

Ok, ready? Here we go. PLEASE READ PSALM 106.

Wow. There's alot there, isn't there? So. We're going to hit just a few basic themes. Please take some time this weekend to take these things very seriously... and implement them in our lives. We are called to be set apart, we are loved by a holy God. He HAS EQUIPPED US with everything we need (*2 Corinthians 9:8) to live as children of God. So let's dig deep into abundant life!

1. (v.1). The verse starts with "Praise ye the Lord". That means YOU. The reader. Praise the Lord for who He is. Praise Him for what's being told to you. This verse again reaches past, present and future. Always start... everything... with praise of the Lord!

2. (v.6). We have sinned. We all have... we all do. [End of argument!] There are only those who admit it, and those who don't. One can grow... one stays in the same place. Who will you choose to be today? Will you, as illustrated in verse 6, allow your reality to be tied to the reality of our ancestors, in order to learn from their mistakes, their realizations, and their victories? These men and women, from long before our comprehension served the same God that we do now. Remember: Hebrews 13:7-8 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. The only way to grow is through the weeding process. Will you stop and go back on your knees... NOW... and spend some time as a child before an awesome, holy God? Confess those things in your life that you are aware of... ask Him to reveal what you aren't... and do you know how you can make sure it won't just be a prayer? Come up with an action plan, right there, on your knees, between you and your God. Then take some time to think through your past. Weed out any unconfessed sin. Allow Him to wipe your slate clean... WOW WHAT A PRIVELEDGE!!! What grace, what love. He always forgives. (1 John 1:9).

[KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW] We've talked alot about Knowing God. Today.. .know what you know.. about yourself. It brings things into perspective, into full circle. Do you want resolve to not just voice empty prayers? Then allow them to sink into your own heart. Remember where you came from... How the Lord has led you out.. and be reminded that He still intends to lead you further to abundant life. (Philippians 1:6)

3. (v.7-29) We've talked often about the Israelites wallowing in their circumstances, rather than remembering the character of their God. Have you ever specifically praised Him for the history in the Bible? Have you stopped to witness, remember, and pull together God's hand in your own life? Will you stop and journal these things this weekend? THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Why should God continue to reveal Himself to people who don't even recognize, fully appreciate, or glorify His holy name?? READ JOHN 3:12. Jesus asks an inquisitive, wise, seeker of the Lord (ALL GOOD THINGS!) How Nicodemus thinks He can possibly understand heavenly things if he doesn't invest Himself in learning what earthly things Jesus has already showed Him to get His attention? We always want bigger and better... when it is already here in the first place. We just haven't invested ourselves. Think back to The 5.2 Story. Immediately after the miracle of provision, Jesus had to withdraw from the crowd because "They wanted to make Him a King." But... He already was a King!!! The people just weren't willing to recognize the difference, willing to accept that He knew more, and that He was far BETTER than an earthly King! Their worship was wrapped up in what THEY wanted! Remember. That's how you can KNOW HIM. That's how we open the door to seeing Him more. NOW.

4. (v.30) The sincerity of one man saved a multitude. How many times have we heard of God doing this?!?! Plant your feet. STAND. Learn sincerity through reality. YOU can be that person. TODAY.

5. Praise the Lord. Let ALL the people say "AMEN!" Praise Him for what He's done in the past. Praise Him for what He's doing today in allowing the priveldge of grace, mercy, and forgiveness through repentence. Praise Him that it IS His working, today. Now praise Him for what He can and will do as a result! Go forth with JOY. HE is in front of you now!!! Don't ever go back to the days where you didn't remember.

Have a wonderful weekend... I'm praying for a fresh start for each one of us! He will ALWAYS take us deeper when we ask.


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