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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

According to these verses, peace comes from obedience to God's laws, from not being envious of others, from trust & dependence on God. It comes from the salvation we've been given through Christ. It is a gift FROM and evidence OF the Holy Spirit in our life. God's peace is a peace that can exist when there is no reason to feel peaceful. It is something that we are commanded to pursue just as we pursue faith, love, and living right.

When Jesus tells the disciples in John 14:27 that He is leaving them with peace, He says: "I do not give to you as the world gives." This difference seems very evident when you compare the Biblical references to peace & the dictionary definition! While the peace Jesus promises transcends our situations, the "worldly" idea of peace is transitory & simply refers to the absence of war, annoyance, anxiety, etc.

Let's be realistic - there's really no getting rid of anxiety or annoyances in life. So much, then, for the idea of worldly peace! Thank GOD that His peace goes beyond circumstances. I think His kind of peace comes from prayer, obedience, and like MarySusan and Lauren said, having a focus and perspective that's centered on HIM. - Amy

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