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Love, Mary

Sunday, July 12, 2009

1.I remember as a 15-year old girl on my first "open air evangelism" venture seeing a group of teenagers - rebellious, taunting, even scary-looking,and it was as if God said to me, "Lori, that is what I saved you FROM. That could be YOU".I was reminded of that experience today when our pastor said something similar. I was saved at a young age and never really went through a period of "rebellion", but because of that, I've always prayed for God to protect my heart from the sin of pride, which is every bit as bad.So tonight I'm thankful for what God saved me from, and for the fact that He extended even more grace by sparing me the heartache of overcoming addiction, sinful habits, etc. Praise God - it's all Him, and none of me.

2. Dear God, I praise you for the way I see you at work in the lives of people. I thank you for so many godly believers from whom I can learn and glean truth and encouragement. I pray for your grace and the ministry of your Holy Spirit for this coming year, when we go back to the Czech Republic and are faced with such an ungodly environment, little encouragement, lots of opportunities to be salt and light. Please show us your glory and your work in the lives of people around us THERE.

3. I also love Psalm 106. I especially love the part about Phinehas. Dear God, please help ME to be a Phinehas in this generation. Because of MY life, I pray that you would be glorified and that people's souls would be spared.

- Lori

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