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Love, Mary

Friday, July 10, 2009

1. I can look back on a few times in my life specifically when the Lord truly carried me. He taught me a few years ago through a trial that HE is my portion, my all-sufficient God, my rock, and my strength. People can not fill a heart with peace like God can. God faithfully helped me cope with each day, and I learned the amazing power of God's Word! God was merciful to teach me the need to go directly to Him and His Word when fears arise in my heart. I praise you Lord that your grace is sufficient!

2. Dear Gracious Father, thank you for being a merciful God. You showed mercy to the undeserving Israelites and you bestow mercy to me though I do not deserve it. I ask for your continued mercy in my life and also for our nation. Lord, thank you that you are love and a sustaining merciful God. Please help me to glorify you with my life. Amen.

3. I love the history of the Bible! God's mercy with the Israelites amazes me! He delivered them from slavery in Egypt through the miraculous ten plagues, led them through the desert providing food through manna and quail, and water from rocks. He continuously gave mercy in spite of complaints (what a reminder to me not to complain). He allowed them to be a great nation for years in spite of bad decisions. Thank you Lord, that you are still the same merciful God today!

- MarySusan

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