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Love, Mary

Friday, July 10, 2009

1. The Lord carried and fathered my family when my dad died when I was a teenager. He has loved, protected, and I believe given an extra measure of mercy and His kindess in our lives. I can say I truly KNOW He is a father to the fatherless. I KNOW that He is the "lover of my soul" that He sees me, that HE knows me, and He guides me. He has done this in the big things, being a single mother for 3 years, losing our home, losing my father... and each daily reality and battle that was tied up in the duration of these things. I WOULD NOT BE HERE... if it weren't for the grace and the REALITY of my God and Father. He is so good... I KNOW HE works ALL THINGS together for good. Thank you Lord.

2. Dear Father, I thank you so much for all of these things and for WHO you are... I know that your character is the source of all of these things, not vice versa. Please open my eyes, even if it hurts, to see you MORE today. Please continue to guide, direct, and lead asI KNOW you can. Thank you for loving me. I want more of you, each and every day.

3. I BELIEVE.. and I KNOW that God parted the Red Sea! I KNOW that the events outlined in Psalm 106 are HISTORICAL. They are not a story. I KNOW that I've seen the same power of the God who does the impossible work in my life. And I'm hungry to see more! I KNOW that there are many who don't know about these things He has done. EVEN IF He never did anything else... He'd be worthy of our undying praise. And yet.. .HE promises that He is forever more the same, that His grace, mercy, love and power are UNENDING.


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