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Monday, June 22, 2009

WOW there is so much in this story... I don't even know where to begin.

Peter's reality was overwhelming. And scary. And intense. And very real. And I think that Peter was probably scared, confused, and maybe even ashamed and embarassed. I think those feelings were all justified - its okay to feel scared, confused, ashamed, or embarassed at circumstances... I think that is perfectly justified. I think that what Jesus was trying to push Peter to see, however, was that... no matter your feelings... or your situation... your REALITY [knowing what you know] doesn't change. Ever.

Jesus walked on solid ground with Peter many, many times. And Peter had his eyes on Jesus. Peter knew who Jesus was. When Peter was in the boat, He knew who Jesus was. He called Him Lord, and stepped forward with courage. When Peter was in the ocean, he took his eyes off Jesus. Perhaps for just a second, he forgot who Jesus was. He felt very real feelings of fear, confusion, embarassment, and shame. He focused on the situation he found himself in more than the Person he was with while in that situation. He stumbled.

Jesus' reaction was one of compassion. And I noticed something in this story that I've never seen before. His reaction was IMMEDIATE. He was waiting on Peter to call to Him. When the disciples called out to Jesus in the beginning, it says He answered them right away and told them who He was. And in the end, when Peter calls out to Him, it says he immediately stretched out His hand and caught him.

Christ wants me to KNOW Him. To fix my eyes on who He is. On the reality that does not change... ever. But that isn't enough. He wants me to STAND on that... to take what I know and live it out - easy or hard - fun or not. Its easy to say that, but very hard to live it out. But I'm also figuring out that it is SO worth it...


ps - sorry i was obnoxiously long today. i know all of this orange is going to make Mary reallllllly thirsty! :)


  1. It wasn't obnoxiously long - you have good insights. thank you!! ~ amy

  2. it wasn't obnoxiously long - you have good insights. thank you! ~ amy

  3. I totally agree that Peter's feelings were justified.. and I 'm so glad that Jesus knows the "heart of man!!" It makes me feel accepted despite my feelings. I also love that He will allow our testing until we conquer our feelings.. and that His response is IMMEDIATE. He's so awesome!!

    And also. Yes. I don't know what it is with me and this orange color. It's killin me. I know it's wierd. I seriously had to go eat an orangy "freezie pop" yesterday when reading.

    Don't judge me.

    :) love mary