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Love, Mary

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wow, I am so glad my God is steadfast. He is my rock. A co-worker in town for a meeting this week and I were just discussing how it seems that the people who love God seem to suffer, or go through more adversity than people who don't know him. The conversation was brought up because so many people we both know, including the two of us have been through some pretty tough circumstances- death, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, wayward children, infertility, etc. and it seems life life has us on rewind and auto replay. Hmmm, does that sound familiar to anybody else. Anyway, I was trying to witness; and told her I thought sometimes we, those who love God, suffer more because in the end, God gets glory when the world (evil ones) sees the grace He gives, and the strength He gives and the very fact He brings us through the circumstances without giving up is a testimony to God's love. It makes it about Him, and not me. But, the world can't understand that, because God gives grace when we need it, for the battle we are in, I don't think we can save it up for a future emergency- like hiding the chocolate in the glove box just in case you need it later. random- back to Psalms- 18 it is so clear- My God arms me with strength... He makes me surefooted... He prepares me for battle... Your (God's) right hand supports me, You have made a wide path for my feet to keep them from slipping. Woo-Hoo- that takes us right back to Psalm 25:14- We can have a friendship with God-He shares his secrets with those that fear Him. You know that you only tell your secrets to your closest friend- and sometimes then even then we hold back- for fear it might get out. Yet, by fearing God, we get the most awesome friendship possible- and when the battle is raging, He lifts us up with his right hand-and whispers secrets in our ears, assuring us our feet are solidly planted on the rock- we won't slip. So, who cares if it appears the wicked are prospering. I've got the the God of the Universe whispering in my ear. Now, if I can just keep this in mind when I get back to work tomorrow- and see those evil ones coast through the day without a care in the world...


  1. I'm so glad too! THanks for the reminder! Love, Lauren

  2. Thank you for the way that you described those verses... that was an awesome encouragement!!

    And THANK YOU for suggesting that I hide chocolate in my glove box I'm SO on that!! :) :)

    AND I'm praying that you'll have an adoption caseworker assigned very quickly...

    love, mary