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Love, Mary

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wow day one and this discussion is so awesome!! I think I've never really thought about the word "blessing." I just accept it. Just like I do when I receive what I would consider "blessings" from God. I just take them. I'm excited about them for sure... but I don't often think to devote them to a higher purpose. I see them as for me....

It sounds like we've decided that our definition and God's of blessing are different. And yet the Bible is clear that God does not take our hurts lightly. He loves us, cries over us, and interceeds for us. So... where do our view of blessing and God's intersect? I'm wondering if Lori and Sam hit right on it... can our greatest, long term, life-saving blessings be found IN our sufferings? And how easy is it to say it... and how difficult to seek for it in the midst of suffering? Just thinkin... :)
love mary

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