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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whew, those are some tough questions. I'm glad we started first with the character of God. Those verses were such a comfort to read! Our God is good, upright, merciful, tender, truthful, a rock, and a refuge to us. I take that for granted far too often - what a comfort it is to see His character!

As far as the tough question for today, I'm going to play off of Kari's answer some. I agree with what she said and my thoughts were similar. As followers of Christ, we are IN the world but are called to be set apart. We don't get to take the "easy" road, but our road is much more eternally rewarding. When I started to think along those lines, it brought me back to the definition of "blessed" (are you following me at all?!). As God's children, we take the hard roads sometimes, but experience what it means to be truly blessed... the way we really defined it. The world takes the easier paths quite often and they also experience worldy blessings (which, if we're honest, we are often jealous of!), but they are missing the REAL blessings of following Christ - of KNOWING, LIVING, and SHARING.

I do also take comfort (when in a hard situation where the wicked seem to prosper) that we are on earth for a season... that this is not our home... and when we get to our home, things will be set right. There is a just God who will judge the wicked. I know who I answer to, and I know He is just and upright, so the wicked will not go unpunished forever. I just may not see the consequences on this side of eternity. While that is a comforting thought sometimes, it is also a motivation for me to really LIVE out what I KNOW...because I answer to that same God.

I hope that made sense... the toddler kept me up half of the night and I think I'm operating on two brain cells today! :)


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  1. You have such a neat way of drawing out "both sides of the coin!" That's a really good reminder to plant your feet when you remember that you answer to the same God that they do... throws things right back into perspective!!!

    Hope you got some sleep. :) love mary