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Love, Mary

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When we think of the word "blessing" we tend to focus on "material" blessings or happy occasions; for example, we get an extra paycheck and we say, "what blessing!", or a friend has a baby and we say, "you are so blessed!" Honestly when circumstances are "bad" I wonder if God is punishing me or sometimes I conclude that I'm supposed to learn something through my circumstances and pray desperately to learn it FAST!!!:) We see "blessing" as when good things happen, but the blessings mentioned in these verses are outside the realm of circumstances entirely - in fact, sometimes blessing is dependent upon trial. What an encouragement to know I'm "blessed" when I . . .am uninfluenced by the world (Psalm 1:1), in love with God's Word (v. 2), bearing spiritual fruit (v. 3), finding my strength in God (Ps. 84:5), persevering under trial (Jas. 1:12). All of these can be true, regardless of my circumstances. Being blessed is really a choice, not just "chance"!
love, Lori


  1. So true, Lori! I love what you said about blessing being dependent on trial! i waste so much time sulking about the trial I'm in sometimes that I totally miss the blessing!
    - Lauren

  2. Wow Lori that's an AWESOME insight. It certainly seems like we're establishing here that our view of blessing and God's are different. You definitly offer good direction for where our two view intersect.. it's sometimes found IN the trial!!! love mary