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Love, Mary

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today, I went to my favorite place to sit and just to feel the nature's touch:). Thank God for the gentle breeze and fresh air inside the campus:). I sat on the bench under the tall, skiiny tress in front of a small pond:) cooooooooool! As I was pondering on His Words, I was looking at the students walking around without HOPE and JOY. I KNOW and I STAND that God is God, He is my GOD, He is my JOY and my HOPE. Hope IS the LORD. May my students will have the JOY and HOPE that we have got as children of God. Again, we are BLESSED. Last Monday, I chose one of God's character as GOD IS SOVEREIGN...because He is soveriegn, He knows all the circumstances I am facing, I am going to face and the road I am going to take...because He is sovereign He sees and he knows my students! :) He searched me, He tests me, ...He knows my heart..He knows my desires... I just hope and pray that my desires are congruent to His will.

About my blog, a lot of my students have seen it and has been asking me a lot of questions about the capital He, YOU, Thee. Praise the Lord and I would really appreciate if you could pray for me as I write more poems for my blog:) and for my students as they read the poems. ..that God will open their eyes...and that God will help me explain when they ask the meaning of the poem. Thank you...
Praying, Michelle

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