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Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18 2009

Your thoughts and perspectives for yesterday were awesome … and a lot to take in. We’re going to pull from those thoughts over the next several days as we continue to sort this all out. Can I just say that as I look at the poll on the page that is now showing that 87% of you are right smack in the middle of hard times… and 25% (which totally doesn’t add up right.. thankyouverymuch) are just pulling out of them, I’m honored and thankful to be hearing your perspectives that are truly seeking the blessings of God, who want to glorify Him, and are determined to STAND. I’m praying for each of you today!

Let’s dig a little deeper today! Plant your feet! Pray and commit your time to the Lord. Thank Him that He sees you and that He promises to direct your path.

Psalm 73 very directly addresses the matters at hand. Please grab your Bible and read it through!

Verse 1: Truly, God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart. OOOOOH DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! The Psalmist (believed to be Asaph) planted His feet! This sentence is more significant than we may first realize. The root word for truly is “a word of faith, opposite to the Psalmist’s sense and Satan’s injections. He is not only “seemingly good”, but certainly good.” - Spurgeon The Psalmist uses a word to remind himself and others of past knowledge, of fact, of VICTORIES of God. He is only good. He is not “sometimes good, or usually good” but He IS GOOD. The Psalmist clearly needed to remind himself of that because his circumstances were NOT good. He was suffering. He wasn’t seeing goodness… yet. He knew He needed to remember who is capable of winning any battle. The verse is referring to what God has done for Israel … which may well not be those of us doing this study. However it states clearly the character of God, which applies to all of His children. Charles Spurgeon described the opening of the Psalm this way: “In verse 1, the Psalmist declares his confidence in God, and, as it were, plants his foot on a rock while he recounts his inward conflict.” Foot plantin’ !

Verse 2: But as for me…See what’s happening here? (You can refer to the steps for foot planting yesterday!) The Psalmist remembers and recounts who God is (REALITY). Then he recounts and remembers where he (the Psalmist) is (REALITY).

For Discussion: Read Psalm 73:1-13 Think through your own personal experience, and try to think through the personal hurt and betrayal that the Psalmist seems to be going through (He certainly didn’t hesitate to be real!!). Does He seem to have a legitimate complaint? What are the issues that he is struggling with?

Read Genesis 2:9 and Genesis 3:1-7

Let’s single in on the history of our skewed views of blessing and prosper. In the beginning, man was created to KNOW God.. and to have to work and seek to know anything else. They weren’t even concerned about clothing! They walked and talked with God Himself. And yet… man chose what man wanted. Adam and Eve choose sin. As a result all of us are born with a sin nature… so now the “knowledge” comes naturally to us… and we have to work and seek… to KNOW God. Our first tendencies were switched. We are born with a desire to please self. Oh He’s obvious, He’s willing, and He’s there! But we have to be willing to pull down the fog of blindness in our own lives. To accept that there is a truth in our own circumstances.In the New Testament Jesus consistently said “I’m telling you the truth.” Why the need for clarification? Because His truth is bigger, deeper, and greater than our eyes can see. We have to choose to plant our feet. Herein lies the road that was mentioned yesterday… of how we choose to view blessings. Of whom we choose to serve. And of how we experience the unmerited grace, patience, and blessings of An AWESOME GOD. He’s so worth seeking with all of our might!

Look back at Psalm 73. Let’s plant our feet, learn to stand in what we’re discussing here. What is your “Truly”… remember what you already know about YOUR GOD.Now give Him your “but as for me…” Tell Him about it. And commit yourself and your circumstances to the God of THE TRUTH. He’s the truth, He’s God whether we recognize it or not, and oh the blessings of surrendering to His perfect will!!! Do you think we really realize that there is another realm to truth beyond what we can see?*Your “TRULY” is reality. Your “BUT AS FOR ME” is too. But the second always must come in submission to the first… always... NOT the other way around! They are two realities, yet there is One who “brings all things together for good…”


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