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Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday June 11 - Discussion Guide

Wow it is already a blessing and a priveledge to study with you! We had some awesome things to pull from yesterday, if you didn’t get to read the discussions please feel free to take a minute and go back. It was decided that God’s view of blessing and ours are often different… and that often trials are the pathway to blessing! Does that however mean that our suffering is overlooked or unimportant to our Father? Not in the least bit… but we’ll get to that more soon. …First things first… Let’s figure out where we’re going. Then we’ll work on HOW to get there!

Let’s continue to get a vision here, shall we my friends? It helps to walk in a straight line if you know where you’re going! What does this word: STAND mean? Here’s a key verse for you:

Now I KNOW that the Lord saves the anointed; He answers them from His holy heaven with the saving power of his right hand. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm. Psalm 20:6-8

Do you know what this verse suggests to me? (Ok I’ll tell ya… thanks for asking!)
- Strength; beyond our ability.

- Assurance: beyond our estimation

.- Guidance; beyond our comprehension.

- Vision; beyond what our eyes can see.

- Life; beyond those who don’t have God’s protection.

- VICTORY; beyond… and not dependent upon our circumstance.

All that in ONE verse! DOES THAT SOUND GOOD OR WHAT? And yes. He’s talking to you.Go back and look at the list above. Do you think that sometimes our standard of blessing lies in the right hand side in italics… and is left with room to change or be shifted? God’s blessings stand firmly on the left side… they are non-negotiable.Do you not see it today? That’s ok. That’s the point. It’s beyond what you’re used to seeing. It’s beyond our ability. But He’s promised it to us. PLEASE STOP AND THANK HIM FOR THAT. If all you know today is that there is a God… and that’s all… that’s ok. STOP AND THANK HIM FOR THAT. He is God and we’re not. Therefore in direct definition there are depths to HIM beyond what there are to us. Thank goodness! Did you pray? You’ve just offered five loaves and two fish… when we acknowledge with our words and with our LIVES… He returns it and so. Much. More.(I don’t know about you… but I’m desperate to experience more of our Mighty God and to get myself out of the way so that these promises are evident in my life!)

I spent a long time thinking.. and worrying.. that we were supposed to be a beautiful and perfect vessel of the attributes listed above to glorify God. I think it’s a very common misconception in Christian circles today. The thing is though… we are only supposed to be the clay. That’s right. Isn’t that a relief? It is only when we are the clay… that God can make us into the beautiful vessel. It’s an offering of worship. Will you simply offer your willingness to learn to acknowledge through your life, in a new way, that HE is God?

For your study: Read Genesis 16:1-14. What does this story show about who God is, regardless of where we STAND… now? Dig into the story… let it be personal to you, there is so much there! How does it apply to our discussions?

For further discussion: We’ve talked about where we’re headed, where do you Stand now? Whether you are in a “time of plenty”, coming out of suffering or heading into it, be comforted today and KNOW that God sees you. Can you describe a time when it was clear that God saw you and was looking out for needs you didn’t even know you had? (Like Hagar’s spring in the wilderness!) If not… don’t be discouraged. He always has been. Maybe it’s time to start looking for Him more today!

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