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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Psalm 25

OK, so I'm just a *little* last minute, but nonetheless wanted to share a Psalm that I really like -

- In Psalm 25, David asks God: "Lord, tell me your ways. Show me how to live. Guide me in your truth." It says: "Are there those who respect the Lord? He will point them to the best way. They will enjoy a good life . . . My eyes are always looking to the Lord for help . . . Look at how many enemies I have! See how much they hate me! Protect me and save me . . . My hope is in you . . ." There's SO much in this chapter! To me, it is a guidebook, so to speak, for where and how to ask for God's guidance. And if we truly seek it, He will surely provide us with it. And Psalm 19:7-9 assures us that God's guidance is beyond comparison -- "The teachings of the Lord are perfect; they give new strength. The rules of the Lord can be trusted; they make plain people wise. The orders of the Lord are right; they make people happy. The commands of the Lord are pure; they light up the way." It's all right there. The only thing left for us to provide is some effort (which we - myself included - often balk at), & we're already assured success before we even begin. - Amy

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