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Monday, June 29, 2009

Praise is something that I often take for granted. Sure I thank God for things He has done but I overlook so much that He has done, especially the things that don’t go my way. The first verse Lauren mentioned was “I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.” That was a conviction and challenge for me because that isn’t something I do all the time. Even with the blog I can know something and type it out without actually praising Him for that. Well, this past week I have been praising God and it’s something that ONLY God can do…

We took our teenagers to Gatlinburg for a youth conference (my husband is the youth pastor)this past week and we were kind of apprehensive about it. Drew and I were praying that God would turn our youth group upside down like only He can do. Our youth group is taught about God so often but we don’t see much fruit from their lives. Well, we knew this trip could be huge and sure enough it was. Not only did they actually enjoy praising God by the end of the week (not something we see very often) but we saw them encouraging each other (the group was very split and even a little racist) and have heard of them spending time alone with God (which they have told us they don’t even crack their Bibles open). One of our teens actually was frustrated when she was put into the hospital for an asthma attack because she forgot her Bible when the ambulance picked her up so she couldn’t do her devotions. You can’t tell me that that isn’t a God thing. He spoke to all of our teenagers in a 4 day period. Yup, God was there and He is still with each one of us. Now we can just pray that they remember how awesome it is to be near Jesus and stay there!

I think a part of praising God with our whole heart would be praising/thanking Him for what we KNOW to be true in our lives even when things are difficult or not going our way. It’s not picking and choosing when we thank Him (like I stated above I have a habit of doing), but rather thanking Him constantly for everything in our lives. Because without Him, we are nothing.


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