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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okay, so I admitted I was having trouble with summarizing. I wasn't kidding. So here is another thing that really stood out to me. I've read the story of Hagar many times, but I never noticed that God told her to GO BACK. When they had mistreated her. When it didn't make sense. When it was impossibly hard. Amy pointed this out as well.

I really struggle when things don't seem fair. But I've noticed that God doesn't very often say... okay here its all fair, now obey. Sometimes He says... you may not understand, but I want you to obey me. And thats when you have to KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW.

And the next part stood out to me even more. Lori already highlighted it for us. Hagar then said... you are the God who sees me. She was sitting there, knowing she had to go back to an awful situation, and she recognized who God was. In that moment of obedience and submission... she saw Him, and He saw her. What an intimate and powerful thing!

I want to see God. I want Him to see me. I want that intimacy with Him. But all too often I don't want to make the choices that lead to that kind of relationship. How much do I miss because I'm throwing a tantrum and saying... but its not fair!?!

Okay. I'm done. I promise. Until tomorrow anyway! :) - Lauren

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