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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ok so Genesis 16 has been my favorite chapter in the Bible ever since I was headed to Iraq several years ago (obviously I never made it but I wanted to go there and start a ministry called "Hagar's Hope", based off these verses:)).

So . . .Hagar is mistreated by Abram & Sarai - tossed about like a piece of property. Sarai devises a plan (for her husband to have a child with Hagar), then gets mad at old Abe when it works! Sarai is an example of how NOT to respond to difficult circumstances - jealousy, wallowing in self-pity, trying to manipulate things to get what IIIII want. Since Ishmael is historically considered the "father of Arabs", this could be an in-depth study of how disastrous things can be for generations to come when we try to "fix" at situation . . .but that's for another study.:)
I've always loved Hagar's words - "You are the God who sees me" - how precious and so overwhelmingly intimate that God sees me in my present circumstances. And a part I've never noticed before today - "I have now seen the One who sees me". When we cry out to God in the midst of miserable circumstances, He hears us and we, in turn, get to see Him at work. God "sees" us, so we can "see" Him!

A HUGE blessing from today (huge for me, anyway) . . I was riding home on the bus after a 10-hour workday thinking, "The kitchen's a mess. How on earth am I going to clean it AND grade all these papers I have to grade tonight?" I got home and the kitchen was sparkly clean . ..Ondra and his friend did it for me. PRECIOUS.:) Ok so I'm not in a desert, but the kitchen WAS pretty daunting . ..

- Lori


  1. I'm SO glad about your desert.. err.. kitchen!! :) A blessing on several levels. :) I love the way you described the story of Hagar...and I love that He sees each one of us. I love that he saw you riding home from a 10 hour work day.. with so much work left to do.. and encouraged you :) You've encouraged me today!!! love mary

  2. so what youre saying is... youre sending him to clean up my kitchen?! :) just kidding. kind of.

    i love what you said about Hagar saying "you are the God who sees me". How comforting, powerful, and real...and scary...all at the same time! -Lauren