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Monday, June 22, 2009

Obviously,Peter was afraid. At first, he was afraid along with the other disciples b/c they thought they'd seen a ghost. Then perhaps he had a sudden surge of courage - got out on the lake, and right in the middle of it, froze. "What on EARTH was I thinking?" I definitely do that sometimes;I take a step of faith and when things start getting a little shaky I have doubts. What I LOVE is that Jesus IMMEDIATELY told them who He was so they wouldn't have doubts (vs.27) and He IMMEDIATELY reached out to rescue Peter when he started to sink. Jesus' mindset was definitely one of compassion. End result? Jesus was worshipped. Maybe even my moments of doubt serve to reinforce my faith! - Lori

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE God's "immediate." :) So many times though I think I feel like it's "time"...a nd it's not. He's waiting ... He's allowing me to be tested enough to bring my vision up past my circumstances. Then... His rescue is IMMEDIATE. and I LOVE that about Him!!! :)
    love mary