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Love, Mary

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mary, I was actually thinking the same thing about David’s claims of blamelessness when I was reading Psalm 18. So I looked at Psalm 51, which records David’s repentance. He says to God: “Wipe out all my wrongs. Wash away all my guilt and make me clean again.” He asks God: “Give me back the joy of your salvation.” I think that Psalm 18 shows just that – David is joyfully celebrating the victories God has brought him & he obviously feels that his relationship with God has been restored by God’s forgiveness. Psalm 18:32 says it all – “It is GOD who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.”

… So what does God require? My answer would be repentance. There are SO many references if you do a Bible search on that word. Yes, we need to ask for forgiveness but God clearly directs us to repent, too. It seems like we’ve lost sight in our culture of the difference between those two things. For me, asking for forgiveness is fairly easy – it’s basically feeling a sense of regret and simply asking God to pardon us. What I really struggle with is repenting – which means to turn away from something – CHANGE – do a U-turn – rather than doing that same thing over and over and to just keep asking for forgiveness. I’m not saying that our efforts to do so will be perfect, though, so thank goodness that we have a Rock that we can call on when our heart is faint (Psalm 61:2)!!

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  1. Amy I'm so glad you brought to the table the difference between asking forgiveness,and repentence. But I LOOOOOVE that Our God loves us enough to wipe away all blame... with repentence. :) love mary