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Love, Mary

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Like Lori, I have also found that God knows me intimately to be very reassuring. People will let me down... they will make mistakes. They will hurt my feelings and find fault with me. They will try to change me into someone I am not. They will reject me. This is a reality. Because of this reality, I've found myself sometimes holding back parts of myself... protecting myself from the hurt that comes with allowing others to know me. But God already knows me. He already knows my faults... my thoughts... my desires... my fears... my struggles... my joys. He knows me. Intimately. And He loves me. Unconditionally.

The fact that God knows me intimately should impact how I live. Thats where the "I know... and so..." comes into play. If I know that God knows me in that way... what am I going to do with it? Like Mary said, I need a pure heart before Him. How humbling! He also knows my struggles... just like He knew Peter's struggle. And He has the power to free me from those struggles if I only ask... how motivating!

I am so blessed to know that God knows me, and loves me anyway. And I also need to put my "and so..." with that truth and live my life in such a way that His knowing me brings Him joy.


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