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Monday, June 29, 2009

Lauren - You're a blessing in more ways than one. Which is why I'm going to overlook the pink and purple. Ahem. :) I love this girl!!! Thank you for taking over!

PRAISE... lately I've realized that most of my life I've thought that we should praise God for God's sake. Because it helped Him somehow. Lately I've realized that I'M The one who NEEDS it. I need to say ... and to hear myself say... and to hear other people say... who God REALLY is. To make Him a part of ALL of our reality... and to place ourselves in submission to Him.

I also think that of course God is SO WORTHY. I think that part of the reason that we don't see more of who He really is, is because sometimes we don't state enough what we already know, and what He has already done. I've realized before that I'll neglect to thank and praise Him for answered prayers.. but sail on to asking Him for something else. Wow. That's not good.

I also believe that we can praise God with our lives... we worship Him and praise Him through a good attitude when it's not warrented, a kind word when it's not deserved, all directed in thanksgiving to God that we have HIM above our circumstances... and we want to live that way.

Hmm. Got some praisin comin on. :) I want to praise God for seeing answered prayer on THIS PAGE. I want to praise God for the fact that God's word ALWAYS has something new to reveal... and things that dig deep and change lives. I want to praise God for the bond of friendship that I've experienced through this particular study!! I want to praise God for His mercies that are new every morning. I want to praise God for my family as I'm away on vacation and reminded of the PURE JOY of family.... and as I can look back and see what He's done in our lives since last summer! I want to praise God that He has given us the ability to STAND when it doesn't even make sense. I want to praise God that we can ALWAYS have something to praise Him for!!! And herein lies the proof of the need for praise... having just written this paragraph I am tempted to go on for pages... I'm so excited about who my God is... I'm humbled and amazed that
He would love me... and I want to see Him more!!! Please always keep sharing your praise on this blog... throughout the study... as often as you can!! Please make praising the Lord a DISCIPLINE... especially when you can share it with others!!!

I'm so thankful for you guys. :) :) :) love, mary

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