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Love, Mary

Monday, June 29, 2009

What does it mean to praise God & how do we praise ---> I think that praise is any form of acknowledging God's acts or attributes. I think we praise can Him through words or actions. I'm better at the words part than the actions part (but as my mother always told me, ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS! :) ... By actions, I mean acknowledging God's power, strength, and awesomeness through things we do and choices we make. Call me strange, but it seems to me that obeying God's commands is one way to recognize and show gratitude for all He does for us - in other words, praising Him with our lives! (something I certainly need to work on ...)

Why do we praise ---> As I'm thinking about this question, several things come to mind: 1) we praise because God is holy, absolutely WORTHY of it (Psalm 96:4), and deserves it! ... 2) It is one way that we can tell others about how AWESOME God is, and they need to know! ... 3) It forces us to reflect on everything God continually does for us rather than never really taking the time to think about it ... 4) It provides us with an amazing amount of PERSPECTIVE - yes, I may have a bad day. Yes, bad things may happen in my life. Yes, I may feel angry, sad, overwhelmed, lonely, etc. etc. BUT praise reminds us that God has done (and continues to do) some truly awesome things and that He must be bigger than all those other things!!

p.s. - Kari - what awesome news! I will be praying for the youth group!! - Amy

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