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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I think David is expressing his FEELINGS about God's distance but at the same time he seems to KNOW that, in reality, God is not distant. By the latter part of Psalm 10, David is saying that God upholds those who fall, sees trouble and grief, & satisfies the desires of every living thing! That kind of involvement couldn't come from a distant God -- only from a God who has an intimate knowledge of us!

I find it comforting that the Psalmists express those feelings of distance, though. It lets us know that this is "normal" and that we're not always gonna get to rely on "warm fuzzy feelings" when it comes to God.

Sometimes the feelings aren't there & it is then that we're left with what we KNOW. As I've said, I struggle with this. It's so much easier to following our ever-changing feelings. In fact, we live in a society that encourages that by telling us that there are no absolutes & to "do whatever feels right." Hmm ... *lightbulb moment here* perhaps that is, at least in part, what Romans 12:2 is getting at then – "be transformed by the renewing of your mind" & that thinking this way - in terms of what we KNOW vs. what we FEEL - will help us "test & approve what God's will is." This may haven't come out making sense to anyone else, but God has really taught me something tonight. - Amy

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  1. That definitely makes sense!!! That's awesome...