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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I had never noticed this before, but in the story the angel of God doesn’t promise Hagar relief to her suffering. Actually, part of what he promises her is BAD news -- that Ishmael will be against everyone and that everyone will be against him. Kinda shatters the fantasy we have about God swooping down and erasing all of our pain when times are bad, huh? (or am I the only one with that fantasy?? : ) But while the angel of the Lord is telling her the not-so-good news about what Ishmael’s life will be life, he does two other things -- 1) he DOES promise her a blessing despite her pain (her descendents will be too numerous to count) and 2) he tells her to GO BACK. To me, this says -- it’s not gonna be easy, but turn around and - yep - STAND!

Maria - you are so right about standing not just when its easy because, after all, that’s what anyone can do. I must confess that I seem to struggle to stand even when it’s NOT that hard. It’s like my muscles are so weak they don’t hold me up for long and I end up on my butt. But I guess that’s where our responsibility comes in -- yes, God will carry us, but we better have built some muscle or we’ll just completely crumble when pressure comes.

And Mary - in response to what you asked about a time when God was looking out for needs we didn't even know we had -- it's making me think -- I wonder how many COUNTLESS times God intervenes - intercedes - in big things and small - day in and day out - that we will never even have a clue about here on earth?

- Amy

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  1. Amy-
    I also noticed that God told her to go back... to turn around... to stop running... to stand. how scary! but how rewarding! thanks for sharing :)