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Love, Mary

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I believe that this one little word holds some big things for us. Whether the sun shines or the rain falls, stand. Whether there is sickness, or health, or great need, stand. If your heart is broken, if you can't see past the pain, still...stand. We are to stand not just when, but especially when we feel like sitting down, and possibly even giving up. Anyone can stand when all is going well, (in our interpretation of what is well), but if that's all we do, how are we different than those who's lives haven't been changed by Jesus Christ? I'm picturing torrential downpours, and the wind, whipping at our face: yes in Him, we can stand through that. I'm picturing sweltering heat that soaks into every inch of our skin; yes, in that we can stand. Picture anything really tough, yes, we CAN stand in Him because it is His power that fuels our desire not to quit. Even when there are moments of weakness, God brings just the thing or the person to encourage us back up on our feet. I know that in this ever changing world, there is not much to count on except that by His grace, we can stand on his amazing promises.

- Maria

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  1. thanks for that encouragement, maria! - Lauren