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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi! So this is a little intimidating, whether I can see you all or not. But I will give it a shot and maybe we can get some discussion rolling this morning… er… afternoon. Or whatever time it is in Thailand. Ahem.

Most often when I think about being blessed, my mind immediately goes to worldly possessions – my home, my vehicle, my education, etc. And I also consider my friends and family to be part of what makes me blessed too (although yesterday my toddler was NOT so much of a blessing!). But if all of those things were taken away, would I still consider myself blessed? Maybe not at first (going with being honest, here!) but I would be. Absolutely. I don't tend to think that way very often, unfortunately.

I don't think the verses intend to diminish suffering – because suffering is SO real. But I think they are talking about another concept all together – the concept of spiritual blessings. I am so blessed to be a child of God at all. I don't deserve it. In fact, I deserve quite the opposite. And in knowing God – really knowing Him – following Him, enduring temptation, fearing Him, obeying His commands, and placing my strength in Him – I get to experience all of His promises – and that is really being blessed.

I think that all too often my definition of being blessed and God's definition of being blessed are NOT the same. If all of my worldly blessings were gone this instant, but I chose to go on knowing the God I serve, I would still be blessed. Beyond measure. When I choose to know-live-share… that is when I really see when being blessed is. And yet I choose to miss out on it way too often.

Any thoughts?

- Lauren

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it wierd to really think through a word that we hear all the time? I totally agree with you... God's view of blessing doesn't seem to diminish what we would view as blessing. Not at all.. He just has a different, greater view. The thing is... to find where these two intersect... hmm.

    love mary