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Friday, June 12, 2009

Hello everyone! I hope I'm not late yet:) I just wanted to let you know guys that starting the first day of Bible study on BLESSED I have been praying with you and I have been reading the discussions...
As I study this week, God has given me the words to write them this way:

She is blessed...

She receives the Gift,
She praises the Giver,

She is blessed...
She gains Providence,
She glorifies the Provider,

She is blessed...
She dines with her Savior,
She dines out her Savior's Word
and shares it with the World.

She is blessed...
She suffers,
She endures,
She overcomes,
She rejoices,
because she is blessed to have her Jesus who overcomes the world,on her knees she WORSHIPS!

I want to be real here! (@@) I didn't have a worshiper's heart before!!! :( I knew I was forgiven, saved from the bondage of sin, loved and love by God...huh... feel good! but then God is GOOD to let me KNOW and REALIZED the TRUTH that He did not only send JESUS to save me but He sent JESUS FOR HIS GLORY!! for me to worship Him. Aren't you excited to worship your Great God? Aren't you excited to receive His blessings? I am! We don't want to miss the blessings because we DO NO want to MISS the PLEASURE OF WORSHIP...THE PLEASURE OF WORSHIPING our GREAT GOD! Yes indeed, God BLESSES US for His GLORY! I am so excited about this...Psalms 145:3 "Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom."

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  1. michelle - i LOVE what you said about worshipping God being a pleasure!!! too often we just do it because we are supposed to, but not because we really find joy in it - and that is SUCH a disappointment. thank you so much for sharing that - it was just what i needed to be remdinded of today! - Lauren