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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green? I'm still waiting on PINK to make it into the rotation... hmmm. :)

I love studying with you all! Just sayin'. :)

When I read Psalm 10, I see that David is very real about how he feels about the wicked "prospering" [but not our definition of prospering, my friends!]. And that is a comfort to me... he was frustrated that God wasn't reacting to the wicked the way he thought He should. The people in the Bible are real people too! They have justified feelings... just like I do. And its okay to voice those feelings to God as David does (He knows them anyway, doesn't He?!).

But... we read in the other scriptures listed that God's ways are very different from our ways. He sees the whole picture (after all, He is in control). And He doesn't always give us the whole picture... we don't need it. He is the I AM. That is present-tense. He is just enough for me. Now. For where I'm at. I AM. Not "i will be...". I AM. Right here. Right now. Enough. Non-negotiable.

I think I need the whole picture sometimes (okay... I always think I need the whole picture... not gonna lie!). Like the psalmist, I feel like God is far away when I don't see Him working like I would like Him to. But I KNOW He has promised to never leave me... to always, always be here... to walk with me. Whether I feel like He is here or not, He is. I know that. He is the I AM. He doesn't leave... He doesn't stand far away... those are my feelings talking. He is here. He is the I AM. And so...


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