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Thursday, June 11, 2009

God is watching over us constantly. It’s kind of scary that He sees us even in our lowest points. He stands by and waits for us to realize we cannot make a good decision without him. I also see that when Hagar ran away and was alone, God comforted her. Maybe it was so Hagar was sure to listen to Him, I’m not sure, but I know that I can hear my God so much better when I am away from distractions. I may think that my situation is hopeless, that I have screwed up and everyone is against me, but God sees it and wants so bad to make things right. That’s what I think it means to stand. To surrender my circumstances to my God (who has already seen all the rotten things I’ve done), and trust His direction for how to handle it. Stand. Hear God’s voice and trust it, even when it is hard. It truly is worth it.

I stand right now in the middle of a crossroads. I know who my God is and that He NEVER leaves me. But where is He leading me? In my life personally I am seeking how specifically I can best use my life for Him. Until He gives me details. I will stand where I am. Know that He is watching me and wanting Him to be smiling. No matter where that leads me. That can also be a prayer request of mine.

- Kari

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  1. Kari-
    Thats so interesting that Hagar was away from distractions when she saw God. I never thought about that before. Thanks for sharing! I'll be praying for direction for you as you stand. Love you! -Lauren