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Love, Mary

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For me personally, this is what it means that God knows me this way:
It is scary that God knows the sin in my heart often before I recognize it. Even scarier is the fact that He knows when I recognize it and then overlook it! It means that He knows how to save me from it. It means that I have consequences for sin. It means that He forgives me. It means that keeping a clean heart before God... constantly... is vital to my relationship with Him... and with others.

The way God knows me means that He has a purpose and plan for me that He will reveal and prepare me. He's not a God who finds out things we do and then teaches how to clean them up. I've switched my main time in the Bible to first thing in the morning so that my mind is SET on Him, I know that I've given myself to Him first thing in the morning... and I can tell you countless times how I've faced a situation in the day and then known EXACTLY what my quiet time was for in the morning. GOD IS SO GOOD!

The fact that the God of the universe knows me has brought me to my knees. Literally. I've started praying there, especially right when I wake up, to remind myself of who He is. I have so little to offer Him but I can certainly offer Him my reverence. I know it changes MY day... without a doubt. It helps my children also to realize that He's more than a religion, more than a convenience, but that He's our King. It's an awesome thing to start the day on your knees with your kids. Not because we're doing something good. We're not. We're trying to get out of the way... and it always changes our focus.

The fact that God knows me makes me ever mindful that I need to stay in conversation with God throughout the day... to keep my perspective right and because He has promised to direct my steps. If He knows me better than I know myself (which He's proven) He can, will, and DOES give discernment when we ask. The fact that God knows me is helping me to finally realize... I CAN LIVE A VICTORIOUS LIFE!!! I REALLY CAN!!!

The fact that God knows me makes me want to know Him more.
love, mary

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