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Monday, June 22, 2009

The first thing that jumps out at me in this passage is that (in verse 30) Peter didn't become afraid when he saw the water, but when he took note of the WIND and the WAVES. It's like he had enough faith that Jesus could sustain Him - even on the water - until he focused on the tumultuousness of it. I think we do that alot of the time -- we believe that God is in control & will care for us. But when things get really rough, we start to focus on how "bad" things are getting rather than focusing on the One who is STILL in control.

Perhaps during such times we should remind ourselves of all that is involved for God to be in control, even during the "calm" times. A million things about the earth, the universe, our biology, etc. make NO SENSE and couldn't continue to function & exist without God's constant touch. Yet, when life's situations get tough, we have a hard time trusting Him to handle them! Kinda crazy when you think about it that way, huh?

Yet, I must admit, I am 200% guilty of that. I hate to say it but I'm afraid that Peter may have me beat -- would I have had the faith to start walking on the water to begin with?? - Amy

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  1. Amy.. wow what a great way to explain this you have such awesome insight!!! I was thinking too how often I can gear myself up to walk on the water... I've set my mind on "doing that with Jesus"... but nobody better throw me any surprises or i panic!! I think anybody would have thought my eyes were on Jesus when walking on the water.. but really they must have been on what I was doing... "FOR Him..."... hmm. sorry to think out loud but thanks for helping me think this through...