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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Discussion Start: DAY ONE

Wednesday June 10, 2009

Day 1… And we’re off and running! It’s going to be a great summer together :) I’m quite sure. Whether you’ve studied the Bible all your life or this is your first time… it’s worth investing in. It WILL prove itself true in your life when you devote yourself to it. And the promises are all about abundant life. We can STAND in Christ even if circumstances would suggest otherwise. Do you have your Bible? What about a notebook? Let’s get started. And the best place to start… is usually the beginning.

And where is that?

In prayer, my friend. Why study the Bible if we don’t want to be available to the Author Himself? Take a moment and ask Him to help you to understand, to learn something new today, and to know Him better. Most importantly… thank Him that He can, because He is God.
Are you wondering how this is going to work?!? Well so am I. Some of our format will be based on your phenomenal interaction and discussion. :) (ahem. That’s a hint.) Discussion leads will be posted every weekday morning. The weekends will be open for continued discussion and interaction, but we’ll not push forward until the next Monday, to afford “catch up time” for those who were unable to view all of the discussions. These first few days will start simply. We’ll get to know each other and a few terms that we might be used to hearing, yet less used to defining and applying. While many have studied the Bible for years, it is nearly the first time for others. We’ll all help each other. Discussions will usually include a section for further study for those of you who wish to dig a little deeper. Today we’re just getting our feet wet.
Shew! All that business! Now. Another beginning! Open up to Psalm 1… and read.
I’m guessing many have read this Psalm many times. While we sadly won’t have time to go into EVERY Psalm, the beginning is the best place to start. In fact in many ways this Psalm gives a summary of the rest of the book. That’s why we’ll spend a bit more time here in the first week.


Interesting isn’t it. A study on suffering… on the Psalms model of how to cope, and the first word of the book is blessed. The book begins with a benediction.
The book of Psalms begins… where we hope to end.
Let’s be real here my friends. It’s safe. We can’t even see your faces! Only a few of your toes :)The Psalmists were certainly real. So… for today’s discussion: What does the word blessed mean to you? REALLY. And to dig a bit deeper… how does your perception of blessings, change with your circumstance? Do you believe that you can be truly blessed, beyond your circumstances?
Please look these up, take note of them in your handy dandy notebook: Psalm 84:5, Psalm 112:1, James 1:12

For Discussion: Is it possible that our definition of blessed… and God’s definition of blessed… are not the same? Explain.
Again, Psalms begins where we hope to end. When all is said and done, where do you hope to STAND?

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