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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Everybody!
Despite of the "busyness" at work I thanked God for turning down the world's volume so I could hear Him. I would define PROSPER (in my cirscumstances) as CONSTANT FRUITFULNESS (v.3 yeilds its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither, In all that he does he prosper.) We can be fruitul in a lot of ways...big or teeny weeny ways...hard times or in smoooooth times. .. To be CONSTANTLY FRUITFUL is to DELIGHT in the LORD in all my ways( though I fail sometimes:) but God is gracious to me and PATIENT! Taking away my own it all to Him. Let me say taking away the pronoun "me" and "I" and let God control the "me", "I" and all the cirscumstances I am facing and will be facing in the future... I am fixing my eyes on the fact that God is SOVEREIGN! ... Living and working in Thailand is not easy sometimes:( :) especially when I think of my future (it has been a battle inside thoughts of going back to the Philippines..I just wanna stay in Thailand:) ) ...There is no security of job and I don't know what will happen to me when my contract ends. Every year, it looks like I am in a death row waiting to be fired out or not:) But YES, God is SOVEREIGN...and it is comforting to KNOW this TRUTH. God is who He says He is and God can do what He says He can do.! I am STANDING on this.!Thank you Lord that my future is in your hands, I TRUST You and I love You! :)
P..S: I never have a problem in getting a new job:) He always provided me..not only one but a lot of options:)! I ones fired 5 years ago but that school who fired me out has been calling me to work back for them.:) Good thing is I am still close to my former bosses and colleagues. We still talk via email and text messages:) God is good. I think, that circumstance helped me to be fruitul :l...LOVING my colleagues and my bosses despite of the fact that they fired me out! :) Having a job is a big deal for me and I think for all of us.:). Two years ago, I had 4 siblings in college! Last March, my two siblings graduated from college. One has already got a job and the other is preparing for the National Teachers' Board exam and hopefully she's coming to Thailand to serve the Lord as a Tent Maker Missionary. This year, I only have one in college and one in HS! Praise the Lord. With love and prayers,Michelle :)

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  1. Michelle-
    Thanks for your testimony of God's provision and your fabulous example of faith in tough circumstances! Way to take a STAND!