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Thursday, June 11, 2009

“BLESSED” – how timely! My husband and I had a discussion on the same issue yesterday. We were talking about finances – pinching (most of us are), but we are still doing good. Some missionary friends are struggling more and have lost more supporting churches. We said, “God’s been good to us.” Wait a minute! What about the ones that are struggling, God’s not good to them? This lead to a discussion while we were in the process of baking bread. My husband said, “Man shall not live by bread alone… but these rolls are really good I could live off them.” LOL!The “blessed man” is very clearly feasting on God’s Word on a daily basis, day and night. He delights in it. Four things about him in verse 3: He is steadfast (even in the midst of trials). He is fruitful (not stuck in a rut kind of living). He is refreshing (he does not wither). He prospers. The word “prospers” is obviously not material blessing or success measured by man. Success in church planting in Thailand can not be measured by comparing success in church planting in South America. “Prosper” is spiritual fruitfulness as we abide in God’s Word (Gal. 2:22-23).Perfect example is Job. Everything and everyone in his life was stripped away from him but he was still a blessed man. All he had left was God. That was enough for him. The “blessings” that he received at the later time of his life were, I would say, God’s reward to him for delighting in His Creator. When God gives us blessings, they are not merely for our own enjoyment… they are given to us so we can GLORIFY God by meeting other people’s needs, whether they are material, emotional, or spiritual needs. Question is… Am I like Job? Sad to say, not all the time.(Sorry, this is long…. I got carried away!) - Darlene


  1. Hey Darlene!! I love the way that you brought out the fact that our blessings can be used to glorify God. They aren't there for blessings sake. (And you didn't go to long!!! :) love mary

  2. Thanks for being so real! you are so right about us having a responsibility to use our blessings - to whom much is given much is required, right? And I loved Ed's joke about the bread. too funny! - Lauren