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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At first thought, I would say that my definition of blessing is not the same as God's either. My first response would be that blessings would be good things- easy things- purty things. As I thought about James 1:12- "God blesses the people who patiently endure testing" (NLT) I began to put together that what I truly consider blessings in my life- and realize they all came as a result of a testing, trial, fire, high price. My oldest son was an 8 year conception- through those years I didn't feel blessed, I felt cursed that I couldn't conceive; yet now know how blessed I am to be his mother. It was an 8 year testing. My youngest boys have been a 2.5 year testing so far; and yes they came our way at a cost. A cost of suffering physical and emotional abuse and neglect- the loss of their biological parents - what tis considered a heart-breaking tragedy for some involved is a blessing for us; and I pray for them. My salvation- grace, mercy,and strength comes at the greatest cost of all- the cost of Jesus' precious blood. So in fact, it is during the testing and trials that we are truly blessed. Unfortunately, I don't always recognize the blessing, I usually just whine. And yet, the ultimate blessing- back to James is spending eternity with Jesus. But we can't do that, unless we patiently endure; it isn't an earthly blessing, or is it? I am blessed that God gives me the strength to endure. Psalm 84:5- we pass through the struggle, shedding tears on our way to meet God. We can meet Him daily, and ultimately we will meet him face to face.
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Hey Robin! (And everyone!! You did it right.. for reason I'm having a hard time leaving comments though it doesn't seem to be a website error from what we can tell. Please don't stop trying! Hopefully it's just something strange going on with the blog provider... I'm SO encouraged by what you all are sharing I don't want them to stop coming in :) :) :) love mary

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Robin! I love what you said about going through a trial first. I usually whine too... and miss out on the blessing part! - Lauren