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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amy’s question about feeling vs. knowing is something I know is a struggle for most Christians. One of the lessons I learned (and still learning) is that feelings are of the flesh, and many times come from the past, from unpleasant experiences or unmet expectations in our lives, which leads to viewing God on a feelings level. Satan wants us to believe and view God differently from what God has taught us. Satan want us to have a mindset of deceit based on our feelings.God is our loving Father, our Protector, he is the parent we never had, the spouse we so desired, he relieves the pains and burdens we carry, and fills the hole in our heart. BUT, satan wants us to think and FEEL the lie. The way we KNOW God is to set our mind on the things above. What satan wants is for us to set our minds on earthly matters and what was, so here come the feelings. With me, when the feelings start creeping in (and they do) I remind myself that the feeling is from satan. Satan is the great deceiver, the father of LIES and I am being deceived and lied to by my feelings. What I do KNOW is God is Love, pure, unconditional LOVE. No matter what I feel at the moment, I KNOW God loves me no matter what others may expect from me, did to me, said about me, condemned me for, etc…. God is tender-hearted and forgiving and His heart and arms are always open to me. That is not a lie...this is truth and I KNOW it. He tells me so! I carry it in my heart! I also find helpful when I start having these deceitful feelings, keeping certain scriptures placed around my house (like the bathroom mirror, or on the frig or the car) and marked in the bible helps remind me who God IS and who satan IS NOT. A few are referenced below.
Gen 15.1; Ps. 25:3 and Is. 49:23; Ps.86:5; Col 1:19; Ps 91; John 10:14-15;Jer 32:17; I John 3:1; Rom 8:38-39; John 17:23;
Ps 103For the mind set of the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6Be transformed by renewing your mind and put on truth. Eph 4:23,24You will then begin to reflect what is good, acceptable and perfect. Rom 12:2
Let’s pray for one another to have the mindset of Christ
Resting, Donna

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